Macy’s — Previous Assignment

Macy's Signage

Macy’s brought me in for a four day assignment in the Visual Merchandising department. I was able to immediately jump in and get them out of a difficult crunch time. Impressed, they extended the assignment week after week for over four months. My primary role was Art Direction for various in-store advertising and signage. As part of the Visual Merchandising team, I was also asked to lend support in the areas of Photoshop retouching, digital illustration and in-store displays.

As pressure mounted, I took on additional responsibilities of managing the artwork for the hundreds of Black Friday sales event signage.

Before taking a new freelance assignment at L’Oréal, I received one additional project from Macy’s — this time in The Fashion Office. I was commissioned to create a Keynote presentation which was to feature the 2017 Fashion Trends.

Please feel free to review my Macy’s Portfolio.
Macy's at Harold Square